About us.

The who, what, where and why we love what we do.


Who We Are.

Podshop is a full-service podcast production company that truly understands the importance of not just being seen, but heard. And being heard properly. We don't just cater to those starting; we help companies of all sizes across multiple different industries embarking on their audio and video journeys.

Why We Exist

In 2017, our founder Spike O'Connell was asked to help a popular London based co-working space construct an affordable self-service podcast studio for their members. Once built, their members needed help, and since then Podshop has blossomed and expanded, focusing on the services that really matter.

What We Do

We're a small remote team and are very particular about whom we bring on board. Each team member is constantly on a mission to produce nothing but the best, allowing our clients to release unique content ultimately off the back of our advice and services.

The PodShop Edge

It's nice to help with various projects, but we like to specialise and stick to what we know. Podcast and vodcasts. This allows us to fine-tune our processes and editing styles, keep up to date with specific trends and changes, and give our clients the best possible service.

Selected clients

Meet the team.

Spike O’Connell

Founder & Senior Audio Engineer

Kyriakos Charalambides

Audio Engineer

Alcaeus Spyrou

Video Engineer

Charlotte Hepburn


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