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Do you want to secure a successful podcast launch and continued engagement of your show? Don't leave any gaps in your podcast strategy, leave it to the professionals.

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Why do you need help launching your podcast?

A podcast is a lot like a new business. You could have the best product in the world, that solves one of life's most difficult problems. Launching a new business takes time, industry knowledge and expertise, and if people don't know about it through careful, well-planned marketing, no one will know about it!

The podcast is the product in that respect, and in a busy podcast industry it's hard to make sure your content is cutting through the noise and getting to the right people.

Leave it to the experts

Marketing experts

Unlock the full potential of your podcast with our marketing expertise. From strategic planning to targeted promotional campaigns, we specialise in launching your podcast for continued success, ensuring maximum visibility and audience engagement.

Content Creators

We aren't just professionals in recording both audio and video, whether that be in our purpose built podcast studio, on location or remotely, we're content creators. We're up to date with what's hot and what's not, and how to convert your audience into dedicated podcast subscribers.

Yours is ours

We treat your podcast as if it was our own. Everything we plan is carefully decided collaboratively, and we're reactive in making tweaks and changes depending on periodic reviews of the analytics. We don't just set things up and send you on your way.

Our podcast launch process.

Strategy & Conception

Drawing on our years of podcast marketing expertise, we create content with impactful 'hooks' at the core of the content during strategy sessions, before we even think about the guests or structure of the episodes. We ensure your podcast stays aligned with its goals, guiding decisions to consistently prioritise your overarching objectives.

Strategy & Conception

Guest Booking & Management

Secure and manage compelling guests for your podcast. We handle the entire process, from outreach to co-ordination and signing podcast guest agreements, ensuring a seamless and engaging lineup for your podcast launch.

Guest Booking & Management

Script & Briefing

We can curate scripts and comprehensive briefing materials for your podcast, to get the best out of your conversations. From detailed research to finely tuned scripts, we ensure your message resonates with your audience and overarching podcast goals.

Script & Briefing

Recording & Editing

Whether utilising our state-of-the-art central London podcast studio or on-location recordings, we guarantee the highest audio and video quality, ensuring your content shines. Available both remotely and in-person.

Recording & Editing

Content Creation

Content is key! From SEO optimised show notes to captivating podcast artwork, eye-catching thumbnails, and compelling social media graphics, we've got your visual and written content covered. Viral video clips are the best way to amplify your podcast's reach and impact across various platforms, and we can help.

Content Creation

Launch Campaigns

So your podcast is ready for the world, what next? We take care of everything from setting up bespoke podcast websites and your podcast social media accounts, to hosting and distributing to all major podcast platforms. Make sure it's being done right from day one.

Launch Campaigns

Marketing & Growth

From managing your social media platforms, creating compelling email campaigns, and strategic paid ad initiatives to cross-promotion collaborations, impactful guest appearances, and press outreach – we orchestrate a comprehensive strategy to elevate your podcast's presence and foster significant audience growth.

Marketing & Growth

Ongoing Distribution

Any everything else into the beyond. It's easy to loose momentum after the first series, and your podcast success can stagnant. We  review past series through in-depth analytics, identifying what resonated best and areas for improvement. Armed with these insights, we  create a tailored plan for future series, optimising content, marketing strategies, and engagement tactics in between to ensure continuous growth and success.

Ongoing Distribution

We can't take on all podcasts, we wish we could! To make sure adequate attention and resources are available to give every show we work on the attention it deserves, we have to handpick the shows we work on. Every show is different, who your audience is, what social media platforms they hang out on, and we understand you may already have a marketing function at your disposal.

Each launch package is meticulously planned and presented specifically around your overarching podcast goals and existing assets, there's no one size fits all option when it comes to a successful podcast launch. However, there is behind our methods and expert knowledge of podcasts, production, content and marketing. Ready to secure the success for your podcast launch?

Podcast production & marketing

A recent video snippet from one of our clients that went viral and gained over 5,000 organic followers on Instagram in the space of 5 days - The Goldings Show

Don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

— Paul Novelle
COO, Instech

Podshop have been an incredible find for us as a business. We produce a weekly podcast, Podshop and the team have provided us with the best value yet. An incredible flexible and speedy service that we can absolutely rely upon. No hesitations at all in recommending Podshop.

— Dr Rebecca Jones
Professor in Coaching, Henley Business School

I found the support provided by Podshop during the recording of our podcasts to be excellent. They provided expert guidance on how to get the best quality from our recording. The post recording editing was also excellent. The team were very accommodating of my requests and everything completed in an extremely timely manner.

If you need expert support in delivering your podcast dreams, Podshop is definitely your go to. As well as delivering first rate audio content every time, they have also provided some much needed impartial advice on how I should progress with my podcast strategy. Very highly recommended.

— Ken Valledy
Cofounder, Progressive

We launched the first season of Metta Talks this year. This is our first podcast, recorded fully remotely, and we've enjoyed working with Spike and the team over the last few months. We appreciate their attention to detail and consistent support, from getting us set up with mics and equipment to the cuts and edits on the episodes.

— Ksenia Kurileva
Operations & Marketing Manager, Metta Talks

So grateful to have found Podshop to help me take my podcast to the next level. I’m a complete novice when it comes to tech & audio, but Podshop are so helpful, efficient and professional.

— Oenone
Writer & Presenter, Adulting Podcast

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