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Want to record from the comfort of your office, or are you recording a live podcast and need some support? Don't worry, we're on the way!


Service Overview.

Partnering with a professional podcast production company saves you time, frustration, and ensures that your business podcast has exceptional sound quality. Our expertise and specialised equipment make a significant difference in creating a polished and professional podcast that captivates your audience.

While trying to figure it out yourself may seem tempting, it can lead to pitfalls that affect the overall quality of your podcast. A podcast engineer brings specialised knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that your podcast sounds top-notch.

What you will get:
  • Dedicated sound and/or video engineers
  • Setup and pack down of all recording equipment
  • Full UK wide coverage, no matter the location
  • High end commercial grade recording equipment, both audio and visual
  • Initial consultation to make sure you're receiving the right equipment for the job
  • Location review to assess whether or not it would be fit for recording

Why Use this Service?

When it comes to recording your podcast, the expertise of a professional podcast engineer with the right equipment will be the best thing you can do to assure your recording runs smoothly. We knowhow to choose the right equipment for your podcast setup, and the nuances of microphones, audio interfaces, and other recording gear, ensuring that you capture crystal-clear sound. With our expertise, you can avoid the frustration of choosing the wrong equipment and the disappointment of subpar audio quality.

Secondly, a specialist podcast engineer can optimise the room for recording. They have a keen understanding of acoustics and can implement techniques like soundproofing and diffusion to create a professional sound environment for your business podcast. By addressing any acoustic challenges, they help minimise unwanted background noise and echo, allowing your voice to shine. Trying to set up the room yourself without the necessary knowledge and equipment can result in audio issues that distract listeners from your content.

Audio Quality
Professional-grade microphones, audio interfaces, and other gear deliver crisp and clear sound. The podcast engineer's expertise in audio recording and mixing ensures that the levels are balanced, background noise is minimised, and the overall audio quality is top-notch. This attention to detail enhances the listening experience for your audience, making your podcast more engaging and professional.
Acoustic Experts
A podcast engineer brings a deep understanding of room acoustics to the table. They know how to optimise the sound in your office by addressing acoustic challenges, such as echoes and reverberations. By strategically positioning equipment and implementing acoustic treatments like soundproofing and diffusion, their expertise ensures that your recordings have a clean and professional sound, free from distracting audio artefacts.
Streamlined Process
By hiring equipment and a podcast engineer, you can enjoy a streamlined and hassle-free recording process. The podcast engineer takes care of the technical aspects, handling equipment setup, ensuring proper connections, and monitoring audio levels throughout the recording session.
Audio Only
Audio + Video
Pricing from
Same as above OR body mics, Sony A7iii cameras or similar, shock mount tripods and lighting - 4 hours minimum
Pricing from
High quality Shure or RODE microphones, RODE podcast mixing desks with stands and all cables - 3 hours minimum
High quality Shure or RODE microphones, RODE podcast mixing desks with stands and all cables - 3 hours minimum
Audio + Video
Same as above OR body mics, Sony A7iii cameras or similar, shock mount tripods and lighting - 4 hours minimum

Don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

— Dhilon Solanki
Founder – Story Locker

Podshop's ability and knowledge in the podcasting space is unparalleled. Always looking to push the boundaries to ensure they deliver best in class. Always accessible and provide a consultative approach, which means it feels like they are an extension of your team. Their editing and production work is first class and can work within your lead times. If you are looking to start a new podcast or already started, I would highly recommend Podshop to be apart of your journey. A huge asset to any business.  

— Toby Brown
Head of Marketing, Interaction

We were incredibly impressed by the professional and competent service. Being new to the podcast recording process, we had our reservations and concerns but the Podshop team guided us through from start to finish with exceptional customer care and the results were amazing! We look forward to using Podshop again for our next episode.

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