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Studio standard equipment delivered and collected straight to your door. Easy to setup and the best way to increase quality.


Service Overview.

When it comes to recording your video or audio podcast for your business, opting for high-quality equipment can make a world of difference in the final product. Investing in professional-grade equipment offers benefits that can significantly enhance the overall quality and impact of your podcast

We provide two options to cater to your podcasting needs. Firstly, for remote guests, we offer a convenient solution by delivering high-quality equipment directly to their homes. Alternatively, if you prefer to record on location or at our offices, we provide top-of-the-line audio and video equipment. Our professional-grade gear guarantees exceptional sound and visual quality.

What you will get:
  • A purpose built audio or video recording package, with everything you need for a high quality recording
  • Easy setup instructions to follow for the equipment
  • 2-day delivery and collection service anywhere in the UK straight to and from your door
  • No need to print a return label, our couriers will bring one with them!

Why Use this Service?

With the advancement in easy to use recording equipment, why should high-quality recordings be limited to expensive pay per hour studios? You're only recording a few conversational vocal tracks. You don't need a physical hardware stack that stands taller than you do and a studio that costs more per hour to hire than your monthly rent.

Unless you're using an affordable, purpose-built podcast studio, it might seem unachievable to gain studio quality recordings at a good price. This is where our remote recording packages come into play. We've tried to find the fine line between quality, ease of use and affordability, wrapping up the crucial components to record your podcast or vodcast into a neat package.

Improved Quality
Using nothing but your internal device's microphone can cause all kinds of issues. Fan noise and hard drive interference are common, and even headsets tend to compress the audio and reduce the clarity of a recording. We've trailed and tested hundreds of microphones and cameras, ensuring that each pack contains everything you need to get the best quality recording. All of this without spending hours trying to set everything up lost in a sea of cables!
Easy Process
We understand the difficulty in needing to drop off a parcel at a specific depot or having to print off a label to stick to your package. We've been in lockdown, and we wanted to reduce any unnecessary trips where we can. Not everyone has a printer either! So that's why our kits are delivered straight to your door, and all you need to do is make sure it's packed away neatly, ready for collection when you're finished. The courier will bring the label with them, making the process smooth and painless.
Complete Compatibility
All of our kits are completely compatible with any laptop or computer, no matter the input or operating system. There is no need to install any software; plug and play, and away you go! Following the easy to follow setup guide and you'll be unpacked, plugged in and ready to record in less than five minutes.

Compare our packages.

Audio Package


Audio + Video


Easy To
Understand Pricing

Price per finished length of the
1st draft of your podcast

High quality condenser microphone with pop shield, shock mount and stand


Sennheiser HD200 Pro noise cancelling


Dual USB A and C lead

Set Up Guide

A full setup easy to follow guide for the equipment

Delivery & Collection

2-day delivery and collection service anywhere in the UK

HD Webcam

Razer Kiyo Pro HD wide angle USB camera

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Don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

— Andrew Allen
Commercial Director
& Partner, Biffs

Lockdown threw our usual face-to-face studio recording schedule out of the window, but thanks to the team at Podshop we've still been able to reach our audience using their remote recording solution and equipment rental service. It's such an easy end-to-end process from recording right the way through to post-production. Highly recommend.

— Ksenia Kurileva
Operations & Marketing
Manager, Metta Talks

We launched the first season of Metta Talks this year. This is our first podcast, recorded fully remotely, and we've enjoyed working with Spike and the team over the last few months. We appreciate their attention to detail and consistent support, from getting us set up with mics and equipment to the cuts and edits on the episodes.

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