Video Editing

There's a reason why top business podcasts publish videos. Increase your outreach with visually engaging content, that's more personable than just audio.


Service Overview.

Unlock the true potential of your business podcast by harnessing the power of professional video editing services. Our skilled team of video editors will seamlessly blend your audio content with captivating visuals. With YouTube's boundless possibilities for growth and discovery, don't miss out on the chance to captivate your target audience and stand out from the competition.

No matter the origin of your raw footage - whether recorded remotely, in a professional studio, or within the confines of your own office - our distinguished video editing will put your podcast above the rest.

What you'll get:
  • A sole audio and video engineer dedicated to your podcast
  • Invaluable industry knowledge from years of experience
  • A finished .MP4 and .MOV file ready for distribution
  • Access to a shared drive facility for easy access to your files anywhere
  • Detailed information on what was completed during the editing phase
  • Quick turnaround from for the first draft
  • A smooth collaborative process to make things as simple as possible
  • Audio editing included as standard with all video packages
  • Basic intro and outro cards, animations and lower thirds included

Why Use this Service?

With the ability to captivate your audience through dynamic visuals, vodcasts provide a unique opportunity to convey emotions and foster a more personal connection. However, harnessing these benefits requires a significant investment of time and effort. That's where our team of seasoned video editors comes in, alleviating the burden and empowering you to prioritise what truly matters – delivering compelling content.

Did you know that YouTube is not only the world's largest video-sharing platform but also the second-largest search engine, surpassing the likes of Bing and Yahoo? With an impressive user base of 2 billion logged-in users and counting, YouTube offers an incredible opportunity to expand your audience and make a lasting impact. In fact, recent data reveals that 43% of monthly podcast listeners turned to YouTube for their podcast fix, outpacing Apple (34%) and Spotify (23%).

Visual Appeal
Post-production video editing provides the opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your videos, making them more captivating and engaging for your audience. Through skilled editing techniques, you can refine the colours, lighting, and overall aesthetics, resulting in a well rounded final product. You can create a professional and polished look that leaves a lasting impression on viewers of your business.
Seamless Storytelling
Video editing allows you to shape and craft your narrative in a seamless and compelling manner. With precise editing cuts, transitions, and sequencing, you can effectively guide the flow of the story, emphasising key moments and delivering your message with clarity and impact. By removing any irrelevant or distracting footage and focusing on the most relevant content, you can ensure that your video communicates its intended message effectively.
Creative Expression
Post-production editing provides an opportunity for creative expression and branding. Through the use of graphics, animations, text overlays, and other visual elements, you can reinforce your brand or business identity and create a consistent visual style across your videos. Editing allows you to experiment with different creative techniques, such as adding music, sound effects, or voiceovers, to further enhance the overall production value and impact of your videos.
Audio + Video
Pricing from
Our video editing prices vary depending on length, amount of raw video video file, graphics and design complexity
Audio + Video
Pricing from
Our video editing prices vary depending on length, amount of raw video video file, graphics and design complexity

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— Paul Novelle
COO, Instech

Podshop have been an incredible find for us as a business. We produce a weekly podcast, Podshop and the team have provided us with the best value yet. An incredible flexible and speedy service that we can absolutely rely upon. No hesitations at all in recommending Podshop.

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