Why Adding Video to Your Podcast Strategy Makes Sense

Spike O'Connell
February  2024

What's All The Hype About Podcasts?‍

So, you've started a podcast, your subscriber base is growing and your audience are loving the content. But it's time to step it up a little. People are spending hours on video content weekly (if not daily), it's your chance to shine, connect deeper, and stand out. The podcast space is ever changing, and gone are the days you can get away with recording a podcast on Zoom, slapping your logo at the start and uploading it…

YouTube's Impact.

YouTube has 2.7 billion monthly users based all around the world and that number shows no signs of slowing down. The repeated year-on-year user-base increase is due to long-form video podcasts being a hit - we, the audience, can't get enough.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine so many podcasts have transferred over to producing video content for YouTube, and for good reason - it’s the place to be. The podcast landscape has changed, with more people than ever getting their fix from YouTube videos.

Here’s the key: YouTube is where you’ll grab new viewers, new subscribers. YouTube is great at finding new listeners for your podcast, according to a study into podcast consumption on YouTube from Veritonic. 65% of people who watch a podcast on YouTube are first time viewers, so nailing that first impression has become incredibly important…

People are using video podcasts a lot like TV shows, rather than sitting down to watch the latest reality TV show or soap, they’re sitting down to watch their favourite influencer, or comedian, or chef. Everyone is jumping on the podcast bandwagon.

The Budget Buzzkill.

    Okay, quick reality check. Long-form video is fantastic, but it doesn’t come cheap. Editing, production – it all adds up and generally producing video is about 3 times more expensive than audio only. And although, as seen on YouTube, this type of content is getting eaten up - it might not be something you’re willing to commit to 100% just yet. But guess what? You don't have to go all-in just yet. There’s a midpoint that still gets your audience watching, and converting to engaged followers of your podcast without breaking the bank.

    The Budget Buzzkill.

    You don't need to edit the full video; just grab the juiciest bits. The real scroll stoppers, jaw droppers, the parts that make it impossible for people to skip to the next reel. Short form snippets draw people in, show them the best bits and get them talking. Let's talk about social media; TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts – that’s where everyone is hanging out these days. Short-form content is key.

      - Social media snippets – Short and shareable: the snippet format can be easily shared on a variety of social media platforms. Your audience will love them - instagram reels have 2.35 Billion Monthly Active Users, that’s a huge audience waiting to absorb your content.

      - Stats on conversion rates – video snippets rule the engagement spectrum. On average, a larger percentage of views come from first time viewers, meaning it’s not just your dedicated audience experiencing your content - it’s some soon-to-be-converted newbies too.

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      Using Snippets.

      Now, how do you utilise these snippets through social media marketing for maximum impact? Here are some easy pointers to get the ball rolling:

      - Tease with a teaser – give a sneak peek of your next episode
      - Share the wisdom with quotes – highlight the best bits from your podcast
      - BTS moments – the real, unscripted, behind-the-scenes magic.

      Best Practices for Social Media Success.

      Now, how do you utilise these snippets through social media marketing for maximum impact? Here are some easy pointers to get the ball rolling:

      - Duration Matters - Short and snappy, 45 to 60 seconds is the sweet spot
      - Subtitles - Your secret weapon, 80% of viewers are more likely to finish a video with subtitles
      - Posting Frequency - Stay engaged, keep the audience hooked between episodes
      - Stay Relevant - Ride the hashtag wave, embrace the filters – be where the buzz is
      - CTA Magic - Don't forget the call to action – subscribe, share, and grow
      - Multiple Platforms - Get your video podcast on spotify, your website, youtube etc

      It's super important that we tailor content. So let’s discuss going viral. It’s incredibly difficult to plan, so it’s hard to guess what content might become an internet sensation. We would never recommend building your podcast marketing strategy around “going viral”, but make sure you’re reviewing the analytics on your clips to see which ones have worked better than others.

      Why did it work better? How was the snippet put together? What was the main content? Did you do something different with the music? Were the subtitles different? Did you use sound FX and B-Roll footage?

      Case in point: check out this cool snippet we did for The Goldings Show, a podcast about overcoming David’s addiction to alcohol, gambling and cocaine with the help of his wife Kristina.

      We couldn’t have planned for this clip to go viral, but look at the numbers – a huge surge in followers and views all from one video. So, while you can't exactly set a date, you can definitely put out content that's easy to share, keeps people interested, and pulls the audience in.

      Conclusion: Lights, Camera, Action.

      Grab that camera, hit record, and let your podcast shine in the spotlight. It's time for your content to go from good to great.

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